Being A Swords and Spirits Kin Member

Welcome to Swords and Spirits, a friendly, fun and active kin. We are a kin involved in all aspects of the game, solo, pve and pvp, groups, raids and crafting, but most of all laughing. We are a kin that shows and gives respect, helping each other in and out of battle. We are a family so you will not find a list of hoops to jump through, required builds or required playtimes. 

We are here to enjoy the game and the company of others. That being said, we value maturity and encouraging others to succeed. We do not take the game too seriously and often have ways to make the game more enjoyable for the members of the kin and others with special events. 

We do ask that you follow a simple set of standards in order to keep Swords and Spirits something we all want to be a part of.


1. No drama. Not OOC, glff, kinchat, groups, raids, forums, teamspeak or anywhere. When you speak and are a member of Swords and Spirits, you should be respectful that your voice is our voice.
2.  Maturity of players in attitude if not age.
3.  In groups, kin, friends or pug follow the directions of the leaders. You can make suggestions, contribute and for sure laugh. But if you are off doing other things than the group or raid you are with, expect to be dismissed. This is especially true of freep or creep raids in the Ettenmoors.
4.  Only in high end raids and to maintain group strength, we ask that you max your virtues and traits or be working on maxing them out. This is only because these raids are difficult even with maxed out players.
5.  Respect others
6.  Absolutely and under no circumstances is rank farming or power leveling allowed.

Have FUN. Simply, if you are having problems with anyone in the kin, contact the kin leader Edwardus or Meshi and they will try and iron it out for you. Just remember the first standard - no drama.

If you agree with this policy and you are interested in being a member of Swords and Spirits, please apply for membership under the Home tab on the website Homepage.