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Where do you think we should hold the Fishing Raid in honor of Earlspirit? It should be somewhere everyone could access.
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Thorin's Hall
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 100%  [ 1 ]
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North Downs
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OTHER (Specify.....)
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re: Sad News.....


  On Tuesday, June 30, I was unfortunately told that our wonderful Earlspirit had passed away.




  Yeah.  It was either June 17 or 19 that I last spoke with him.  He mentioned in kin chat that he was going to be gone over the summer, to visit with his daughter in a different state.  I mentioned to him that he might want to make sure his house had maintenance on it, so that he wouldn't lose it for lack of money on it.  He thought that was an excellent suggestion. 

  Then he sent me a tell and said he had some things he wanted to donate to the kin chest.  I hadn't been there in a week or so, and told him I wasn't sure how much room was left in there, but if he still had a few things that wouldn't fit in there to just mail 'em to me and I'd drop them in whenever there was room.  Before I left for the night, I bid everyone goodnight, and wished him a safe trip.  That was the last time I spoke to him.

  Earl (and almost all of his toons)...ended up sending me a total of about 25 mails, each with 8-10 things in them.  O-M-G.  I thought it was a bit odd to be sending me so much when he was just going to be gone for the summer...

  Fast forward to yesterday.  Totally unexpected, let me tell you.  Sure hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'd known Earl since he joined in 2011 some time.  Very nice guy, liked to have fun, very generous with helping others and giving people things at random.  And he did love the Fishing Raids.  After the Hobbit movies started to come out, any time we'd get close on the number of Fish we were catching during a Fishing Raid, we'd send tells back and forth.  I'd say something like: "3! HAHA!"  "4!  No Elf is going to beat me!", he'd reply.  And it would go on and on.  Friendly competition and we were both good about congratulating each other if we won.

  At any rate, Sigurostakk has a Memorial Service in the works for Sunday the 5th of July and 9pm Eastern time (go to: if you don't know time zones) at the Prancing Pony in Bree.  Afterwards, I'll hold a Fishing Raid, and give out some of the things he wanted me to give away.  It makes me extremely sad that he could be so nice and give all these things to us, and now he won't be here to see people enjoy the things he wanted shared out.  I'll leave up a poll to ask people where(that everyone can get to) they think we should have the Fishing Raid.

Sad news.  Sorry all.



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