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re: Tanais Wins Again Last Fishing Raid of the Year Dec 14


Edhelion Fishing

Tanais won the fishing event at the Edhelion pond, the elf starting area Sunday night at 9PM with 5 purple fish and the first minnow. It was a close race with Saderia who also caught five purple fish but Tanais managed to catch the first minnow in the fish off!!! Well done Tanais and Saderia.

 Saderia Second Sans Beorning

Sans Mathi brought her Beorning to be the first Beorning to fish in our raids!!! Well done catching 3 purple fish for fourth place.

  Cele and Sans

Nunu came in third with 4 purple fish accusing Cele of stealing her purples for the win and calling him out as a catatonic cactus of all things!!!!   Lolypop actually caught two purple fish this time!!! Watch out the well dressed hobbit will win one day!!!Lolypop

Dischord   Galdoor

Coming in with one fish each to win the seventh place prizes were Galdoor and Cele!!! And then there was the infamous spar between Nunu and Cele and this time Nunu preferred the pretzel to the fishing pole.

 But we caught Cele cheating using his awesome Loremaster skills instead of the fishing pole and winning. Bad Bad Cele!!!!

 So Nunu evened the score with Cele attacking poor Honey Bubu who never hurt anyone at all. Bad Bad Queen of Swords.

First Place 15 gold - Tanais with five purples and a minnow

Second Place 10 gold - Saderia with five purples

Third Place 5 Gold -  Nunu with 4 puprles

Seventh Place 1 Gold to Galdoor and Cele with one each

The new LOTO began for the first to get 20 Rusty Items. The LOTO begins with 25 gold and 5 gold is added each raid there is no winner. So far Galdoor is in the lead with 7 items each The results of the LOTO are posted  here

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