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re: Retaking Pelargir Battle Solo Guide


Retaking Pelargir Battle Solo Guide

This is an offensive Battle (the NPCs move forward after you've gone ahead to trigger points), so no rush. It features three main fights, easiest with ranged AoE--single target or low level characters will want to use siege weapons to make up for the lack. 

In the current incarnation, the guards do not regenerate morale, but it's important to have them all available to you (you do get multiple sets, so if you lose them early on, do not fret or restart). Side quest Epic bosses are immune to crowd control. The barricades may not be dismantled or moved, so Engineer traiting are not particularly useful anymore, you can get full platinums with Officer traits for most characters (not so much with low level/DPS anymore unfortunately). 

In Officer mode, set the captain to two-handed, and target priority to warriors (archers also works, but not as well as raiders attack the winch; commanders makes the trash pulls take longer with risk of losing guards and winch damage).

The first trash fight is triggered at the top of the stairs, if you find it too easy, just ride past to trigger the second pull as well (not so far as to get ALL those MOBs on you, to left of door stoop's fire, without entering the alley, then retreat so guards enter alley first without getting you on the aggro list). I activate Heal, Haste, Damage, and Shield when the guards engage the second pull. They can handle the fight without you if you want to go AFK or tab out a moment, or help speed up the fight. They should be at full morale when done. 

The winch fight can be an AFK snoozefest too, but randomly can get a few bigger MOBs. Feel free to kill time elsewhere, hitting the Officer's heal/shield/haste/damage buttons partway through (like tab back to Lotro if you hear a half-troll's growls). You can stay in stealth if burg/hobbit/etc. Return when you hear the merit progression "click" and the VO announcement, "And behold, there is Aragorn, there". (I've never seen the winch get lower than 75% damage, despite ignoring it completely, most often it takes none at all.)

If you are not going AFK and a half-troll or commander comes (a stronger MOB), activate Haste/Damage. If a LOT of MOBs come, or several MOBs with one of those big guys, also hit the Shield. If your guard's get low, use the Heal. (Otherwise, do something productive like writing this guide.)

Voilà, the boring part's over. Stay in Officer mode as we move forward. Just like always, set the new captain you'll gain to two-handed and targeting warriors. Now switch to Engineer mode and follow the named NPCs up the steps to build/dismantle/collect the ballista there (for future insurance). Sometimes it's box doesn't appear or it's unreachable off the edge, no matter if you are level 100, if you have poor scaled DPS, I'd reset the instance to get it. 

Switch back to Officer mode and hit the buffs for your guys every time they come off cooldown. (Optionally, if you have low scaled DPS, set the ballista to shoot out at an angle to the right a bit, toward the leftmost side of the wall there, which is where a side quest MOB may pop up, and a named MOB comes up toward the end.)

A few different side quests may pop up outside the wooden walls. The first two involve killing an NPC conveniently there (either sorcerer, aim ballista up 5x; or a half troll w/big AoE damage, aim left.) One of the latter two involves stopping looters, they walk, can be stunned (or speed buffed by MOBs), and come in a group of three ultimately. The other, "Back to the Wall" rescue civilians side quest, takes place way out off to the left (as facing your initial approach), with MOBs running out of a doorway on the left side, going further away. I dismantle the ballista as soon as the quest pops up and place it three paving squares away from civilians if a low level character with low damage, alternatively trip-wire and DPS by door. (If you get there late, hit the heal on the civilians.)

When done, dismantle your ballista if you used it, then return to Officer mode for the next trash. You'll get a new Captain for the same routine (two-handed/warriors). There's only one trash pull, so use Haste/Damage/Shield/Heal for it. I leave them to it and ride forward to the wall. 

There are multiple ways to handle this fight, but the quickest/easiest is to build the rightmost catapult and shoot three triple shells far out to clear out that side. This also resolves a future problem of several MOBs from that side focusing on killing you. (Alternatively, if they return the ability to dismantle barricades earlier and if you have low DPS, build/dismantle a catapult in the middle for less cranking, or turn the nearest catapult 90° to hit the top wall MOBs along with the MOBs below, shoot until done. If you can't reach the catapult box after dismantling, go try the other one; if the same problem happens there, that's why you grabbed the ballista earlier. But Officer mode and simply boosting your guards consistently is just as effective.) 

Side quests include a horn-blower (not in game yet, but will be back from where you came in through the doorway, defeat before blowing the horn to prevent additional MOBs, defeat before even walking in for platinum--they spawn by the wall outside the doorway), or one of two epic foes (archer has a deadly poison DoT, interrupt/remove INSTANTLY; sorcerer appears at far end, be sure only one named NPC doesn't solo it to die/fail the instance). (The archer goes down in two shots of the ballista, so I tend to set it up aiming into the doorway if on a low level/DPS character.) 

After the side quests/lull while they exclaim about Aragon bringing the dead, there'll be another boss MOB after the "Brace yourselves!" call, so be ready! He appears center of the wall. (Repair/heal/buff during the lull.)

I hope this helps introduce you to the Battle, and imagine they'll change things in the future, so please provide other strategy ideas and techniques below, as well as let me know what might be confusing or need to be more clearly written!

PS: Monday 11/10/2014 patch now has all side quests giving rewards, but main quest still only gives gold.
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