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re: Update 15


 Coming Soon

Central Gondor stretches before you. Orcs and other foul things come from the mountains and the endless raids come from the sea. The great city of Pelargir now bends to the will of the Haradrim and Corsairs seeking to tear the realm of Men apart. As the sky darkens to the East, muster your strength and take your sword to those who pillage and burn!

* Epic Story Continues!
* Beorning Class
* New Epic Battle:
   Retaking Pelargir
* 3 New Regions
Play Instantly (PC)

Other Download options here.


Channel your Wrath!

Experience the new race-class: the Beorning. Troubled times now force Beorn's Kin out of hiding to join with the Free Peoples in their final stand against Sauron. Channel aspects of the bear as you fight alongside your allies: the strength of theHide, the ferocity of the Claw, or the inspiration of the Roar. Build your wrath and decimate your foes with the new Beorning Class!

The Dawnless Day Looms over Central Gondor
Ringló Vale

Drive back Saruon's encroaching shadow. Dangerous creatures spilling from the mountains have brought pain and suffering to this once-peaceful vale. The change and fear in the air only emphasizes that it is now your responsibility to be the Beacon of Hope in this difficult time.


Stabilize Aragorn's war effort. Raids from Corsairs and their frightening Half-troll allies have thrown the supply chains into chaos. Face off against these towering enemies and locate the missing leaders, if they even yet live.


Make ready for the siege of Pelargir! Ally yourself with the Rivermaidens, powerful water-spirits who keep watch over the waterways. Prepare a foothold for Aragorn's vanguard to launch their assault on the occupied port city.

Update 15: Gondor Aflame can be unlocked in the store with the offer Quest Pack: Central Gondor, which is free to VIPs. Not VIP? Upgrade your account today.

Retaking Pelargir

Take up arms in the first-ever offensive Epic Battle! Fight alongside elite warriors as Isildur's heir seeks to drive Sauron's allies from Pelargir. Utilize the skills you honed at Helm's Deep to retake the strategic port for the Free Peoples.


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