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re: Fishing Raid winners: August 16, 2015


  After a REEL-ly(PUN ALERT) slow start catching purples, the Fishing Raid turned out to be quite the contest!


  Those fishing for prizes were:








  When all was said and done, Nunu (of course LOL) turned out to be the winner with a final count of 5 purple fish.

  With less than 5 minutes before the end of the Fishing, Frosteefire sold his soul(we think) to pull 3 purple fish out of the water to raise his catch to 4-tying a stunned Zenebur, who I am sure thought he had 2nd placed clinched.  In a "fish-off" for 2nd, Frostee ended up catching the first purple fish-putting him into 2nd place.  Meshi caught a respectable 2 fish, and joined us all in laughing at how Frostee managed to be The Comeback Kid(or "Old Man", as he calls himself).

  The most surprising part of the day, I believe, was that there was NO fishing pole sparring.  Yep, you heard it here.  Nunu did not spar anyone with her fishing pole.  AMAZING!  ;)


  Prizes were doled out(most from stuff Earl left for us, and some very generous donations!), laughter was to be had, and darnit, I wish I'd done a bet as to which incarnation of The Devil it was that Frostee sold his soul to, to get those fish with so few minutes remaining!  Hahaha!  :)


  I'd found a lovely, peaceful setting along the river not too far from The Party Tree (in the Shire) to hold the Fishing Raid-a spot I knew everyone could easily get to.  So as the Winner, it's Nunu's turn to pick where we'll be fishing in a couple weeks.  

  And Nunu, as the Winner you are responsible for bringing a keg of the sweetest, darkest apple cider (no alcohol of course) to be had.  No spices, no added this that or the other thing, just......CIDER.  :)


                                                                          Luv to all of you!



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